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    Combined Type Air Dryer

    Brief introduction:

    Inlet air temperature 20-45

    The inlet pressure 0.6-1.0MPa

    The pressure loss is less than or equal to the inlet pressure of 5%

    Pressure dew point standard -40 C

    Regeneration gas consumption 3%-5%

    Cooling mode

    The environmental temperature are less than 38C

    * combination dryer 80 cubic meters and above for no split box board bare metal

    * special requirement can acceptable.


    Model Specification

    Optional Accessories




    The performer, Pitzer refrigeration compressor or the same grade, To ensure the long-term, reliable performance, stable operation of equipment.

    The evaporator adopts copper tube expansion sleeve structure of aluminum fin, High heat transfer efficiency, dew point protection.



    Using Danfoss or the same level dry filter products, Small size, large filter area, can effectively filter the frozen In the system of water and impurities, improve system cleanliness, To reduce the failure rate of equipment.


    Using Danfoss or the same level of thermal expansion valve, can rely on the stem Dry machine load size automatically adjust the number of supply of refrigerant, from And the purpose of saving energy .



    The wind condenser copper tube expanding sleeve structure of aluminum fin, heat exchanger High efficiency, air condenser fan, increase the heat dissipation effect system Fruit, ensure the normal, stable operation.


    The pressure controller uses Danfoss or the same grade products, ensure the accuracy of control equipment





    High temperature and high humidity from the compressor to the compressed air, the first in the heat exchanger and dried at low temperature heat exchange of compressed air, reduce the temperature, then enters into the evaporator is further cooled to 2 C So, this pressure dew point water has become the most gaseous liquid water is discharged, then low temperature drying compressed air into the heat exchanger, cooling air temperature and humidity, and temperature also increased, to prevent the external condensation conveying pipeline, the humidity is low compressed air into the adsorption tube is further drying dehumidification, get lower dew point of product gas.



    •  Compressor

    •  Pressure dew point meter

    •  Special voltage

    •  Pilot solenoid valve

    •  Pneumatic butterfly valve

    •  This is not limited to