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    SLAD Series Air-cooled Refrigerated Air Dryer

    Brief introduction:

    Technical Parameters:


    Working Pressure: 0.6-1.6MPa

    Flow Capacity: 0.5-80Nm3/min
    Pressure Dew Point: 2-10℃
    Air cooled Type

    Air Inlet Temperature:Standard Type≤45℃

        High Temperature Type ≤80℃

    Ambient Temperature:≤38℃ 

    Plate fin type heat exchanger


    Model Specification

    Optional Accessories



    1.Normal operation within ambient temperature of 50 degreee
    2.Using air as the cooling medium with convenience and economy
    3.Counter flow design in heat exchanger with high efficient and small size
    4.3-stage separation patented design in steam separator:direct colliion type,

    low speed centifugation and stainless wire demist.The result is 99% separation

     efficiency and low dew point.
    5.Using refrigeration compressor,such as Performer,Bitzer,Copeland 

      with steady running,low noise,high cop,energy saving and long life
    6.Adopting refrigerated control components like Danfoss,Emerson,Sporlan
    7.Real-time display the operation parameter



    The performer, Pitzer refrigeration compressor or the same grade, To ensure the long-term, reliable performance, stable operation of equipment. 

    The evaporator adopts copper tube expansion sleeve structure of aluminum fin, High heat transfer efficiency, dew point protection.

    Using Danfoss or the same level dry filter products, Small size, large filter area, can effectively filter the frozen In the system of water and impurities, improve system cleanliness, To reduce the failure rate of equipment.


    Using Danfoss or the same level of thermal expansion valve, can rely on Dry Drying machine The size of the load automatically adjust the number of refrigerant supply, FromAnd to save energy. 

    Water condenser tube structure with high efficient, high efficiency of heat exchange, Ensure the normal, stable operation.


    The pressure controller uses Danfoss or the same grade products, ensure the accuracy of c

    Main features for Shanli Air Cooled Refrigerated Dryer:


    2.Max air inlet temp: 80 C

    3.Max ambient temp:50 C

    4.Dew Point:2-10 C

    5.Compressor:Hitachi,Secop or Copeland


    7. Heat Exchanger:Three-in-one design: Heat exchanger, Evaporator and Gas-liquid Separator be combined together.

    8. Standard configuration of real time display the dew point.

    9. Standard configuration of expansion valve and hot gas by pass valve

    10. Standard configuration of electronic drainer