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  • 2018 Indonesia Manufacturing Exhibition2018-04-18

    We will attend the2018 Indonesia Manufacturing Exhibition
  • 2018 PCV Expo Russia2018-04-18

    We will attend the 2018 PCV Expo Russia.
  • Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 2015-09-15

  • In the domestic laboratory by spray free…2015-08-24

    Spray freeze dryer is a revolutionary new technology development in twenty-first Century, the comprehensive advantages of spray drying and freeze drying, and effectively avoid the shortcomings of the two, with respect to the freeze dryer, spray freeze drying m…
  • Air compressor.2015-08-24

    Air compressor (English: air compressor) isGas sourceThe main device, it is the original motive (usually motor) devices that convert mechanical energy into pressure energy, is the pressure of compressed air generator.The characteristics of compressor driven di…